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October 5th, 2012

03:22 pm - Emma has a thing for leather, chapter 4

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September 18th, 2012

01:42 pm - I´m happy about the new spoilers
I´ve read in spoiler thread at FF that we will se a Rumbelle kiss. But that doesn´t bother me much. Well, first of all...i´m not gonna see that scene. Since i watch it on my computer, i´ll press forward because i don´t like incest O_O.

I get that the Rumbellers are happy, i would be too if Emma and Gold kiss. But a kiss between Rumpel and Belle, that´s it´s going to be the most disgusting scene on OUaT. Only the Rumbelle will find it romantic. Belle looks like she´s his daughter and the fact that the writers made her so fragile, doesn´t help! I´m a Golden Swan shipper and i´m proud of it! So, i´m not upset because of that...we can´t really called it a kiss so XD...

Like i said, i don´t like incest so, i´m not gonna see that but i don´t really think this is a treat to Golden Swan. I mean, call that a kiss? Call them a couple? C´mon! Gold and Emma aren´t together and they still have more chemistry than Rumpel/Belle. I know that Rumbellers will be crazy when the first episode is on but to call that a kiss? Ewww XD.

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September 17th, 2012

01:50 pm - Tired of this!
I know that everybody has the right to have their own opinions and theories but i´m tired of reading comments where fans say that Bae is Henry´s father! We don´t know if he is or not but some fans are acting like we already have the confirmation! Today i´ve read a comment where a fan says she wants to see how Bae and Emma meet. Did the writers already confirm this? No! So, why are people saying this? It´s not a surprise that most of the fans that say this are boring_belles because they don´t like the possibility of Gold being Henry´s father. We don´t know what the writers have prepared for us but till now, all the evidences point to Gold being the father. So, until the writers show us who the father is...i´m stick with the theory that it´s Gold.

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September 14th, 2012

05:31 pm - Okay...that´s funny!
OuaT´s Season 2 is almost here! At first, i didn´t like to go to the spoiler thread at Fan Forum but lately, i´ve change my mind. I´m glad i did because everytime i go there, i laugh! I´ll explain. When i go to the spoiler thread sometimes i see a few posts about boring_belle (Rumbelle). Now the most recent is "We will see the cup again". So? I think it´s funny that the boring_belles are happy for this little things XD. But i must say, there´s more things that make me laugh:

- Belle is brave: No, it´s not a joke. Boring_belles actually think that Belle is a brave girl! I think they saw a different "Skin Deep" XD.

- The cup is back! Belle´s father was beaten because of this same cup. But who cares if they man had die, right?

- At the Fan Forum they are using what Belle says in the promo: I will not let this stand". Not to mention, that they are all happy "Rumbelle is in the promo...yeye!". They didn´t notice that Gold and Belle are arguing in the promo

It´s not the first time that the boring_belles insult Golden Swans. One of their reasons is: why ship Gold/Emma?

But let´s talk about boring_belle:

- Belle was treated like shit but she still "loves" Rumpel. In another words, Belle is not brave, she´s stupid.
- Belle´s father was beaten by Gold because of a cup. Boring_belles think that scene is romantic. WTF? That´s morbid!
- Rumpel´s enemy (the Evil Queen) said Belle was dead. He belived her. Yeah, that´s love, alright XD.
- In 1x22, Gold and Belle are reunited. And this happend:

"Belle: I love you!.
Gold: Yeah...yeah. I love you too. But there´s time for that".

Very romantic indded XD.

But my favourite is what the boring_belles insist on saying: Rumpel never choose power over Belle. Hello? The writers already said he DID!

This is why i´m divided. Because i don´t like boring_belles but i must say, i feel sorry for them. They ship a stupid woman with a man that treated her like shit. They see violence as a romantic thing. Poor Boring_Belles.

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July 24th, 2012

02:19 pm - Keegan Connor Tracy with her son
Remember the Blue Fairy from Once Upon a Time?


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July 18th, 2012

03:02 pm - Once Upon a Time - Photos from Season 2
Spoilers ahead!

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July 17th, 2012

06:45 pm - Fan Art
s640x480 2 - Cópia
s640x480 2

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July 14th, 2012

06:47 pm - Once Upon a Time - Comic Con 2012
First of all, i wan to say that i will edit this post a few times to add more pictures, interviews and more. Be careful with the Spoilers!

Live Panel (Credit to digitalspy and thanks Jakls for the link):

11:45And that's that for the Once Upon a Time panel here at Comic-Con! Stay tuned to Digital Spy for more live-blogs, news and video content direct from San Diego.
11:43To wrap, a quick video teaser scene from season two - it's a dark and moody snippet, introducing... Captain Hook! Looks like the Peter Pan legend is going to rear its head!

11:39Finally, Edward and Adam give a shout-out to their writing staff - Jane Espenson gets a name-check - and the audience applauds the scribes, who are in Ballroom 20 here with us.

11:39The final fan question - time is running out! A rather overenthusiastic Roswell fans yell at Emilie, then asks her for her definition of inner beauty... huh.

11:36Will we ever explore fairy tales and stories from non-European cultures? Exec Edward insists that he is interested in exploring more global myths and "international" storytelling...

11:35Emilie isn't a fairy tale fan, she watched "strange documentaries" and Hitchcock, as a child - amazing. Though she does express an appreciation of Pippi Longstocking.

11:33Fan question time! What was their favorite fairy-tale growing up? Jennifer picks Alice in Wonderland, while Josh loves Pinocchio and Ginnifer - of course - chooses Snow White.

11:28Which Lost co-star would Emilie like to reunite with on this show? She nominates Terry O'Quinn - 666 Park Avenue crossover?

11:27Robert Carlyle's absence is addressed - "He's wonderful," says Emilie. "Just very charismatic. He's just this incredible guy."

11:24Josh's own Twitter followers have nicknamed themselves 'the Charmers' - like it!

11:22Still on Lana - she has a squad of Twitter followers called 'the Evil Regals' - "They're my gang, my posse," she laughs. "A lot of them have become good friends."

11:21Turns out it's Lana's birthday tomorrow so the entire audience of fans sings her 'Happy Birthday' - awwww.

11:21The moderator asks Lana to "find her inner queen" and recite a line from the show: "I will destroy you, if it is the last thing I do!" - the audience whoops and cheers accordingly.

11:19The cast discuss the "cuts and bruises" they've sustained during filming. Ginnifer reveals that she even ended up in the emergency room after one scene went wrong - the poor lamb needed stitches!

11:18Next season, we'll also learn why the two worlds are beginning to merge, but exec Adam Horowitz insists that the second run will still be the show that fans know and love.

11:16Turns out Jennifer has known the identity of Henry's father since the show's pilot episode - the sneak! "It was something that I needed to know for my own back-story," she explains.

11:15Will we ever meet Emma's foster parents? Jennifer is keen, adding: "It's obviously really affected who she is as a person." - though the execs hint that they are more interested in the identity of Henry's father, which *will* be revealed next season!

11:14Here come the cast - including new additions Emilie and Meghan. First question from moderator William Keck - how did the cast react to the scripts for season two? "I never could have conceived of the brilliance that is the first couple of scripts," says Ginnifer. "As an audience member, it is exactly what I'd want to see."

11:11Turns out that season two will also see Dr. Whale's identity in the Enchanted Forest finally revealed...

11:07Yep, Edward and Adam emerge and confirm that Jack will appear "early in the season", as well as Sleeping Beauty! They also hint at a possible return for Maleficent (Kristin Bauer)...

11:05Some season two hints from a title card video montage - was that Jack of 'And the Beanstalk' fame?

11:01A bit of a sizzle reel to get us started - just clips from season one though, no new footage... yet.

10:52The Once panel will kick off in just a little while here and audience excitement levels are high! Will we learn more about this show's Ariel, Aladdin and Jafar?







Crédits: officerparker, aurore59, livelyemirock, zimbio

Season 2 teaser:


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01:07 pm - About my fan fic
For those who were reading my Emma/Gold fan fic, don´t worry. I´m still writing but lately, i haven´t got the time. But i will try writing very soon.

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June 17th, 2012

03:40 pm - Online dating - Chapter 4

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